Leverage AI Machine Learning Technology & Human Intellect for a Profitable Amazon Ads Management Experience

At PPC for Small Biz, we have developed a unique system within Amazon Ads where we’re getting remarkable increases in profitability for our ecommerce clients. With over 13+ years of internet marketing experience and using machine learning technology, we create Amazon campaigns with low ACoS via unique keyword structures, single ASIN targeting and automated bidding strategies that can’t be replicated manually.

With our technologies and experience, we’ve been able to increase revenues 230%+ for a major CPG company with multiple over-the-counter dietary supplements.

Let’s look at the numbers:

  • The revenue from their campaign more than doubled, while at the same time their costs were reduced by 23% and ACoS reduced by 40%.
  • This means they experienced an uptick in conversions – doubling the number of purchases made from their ads.
  • Plus, they were able to decrease their ad spend, only spending approximately two-thirds of what they had been the year prior to get a click.
  • By lowering their ad spend and increasing the number of people purchasing at the same time, their profitability skyrocketed. In fact, in one year’s time, their ROAS (return on ad spend) increased from 79% to over 300%.

Now, I don’t know about you, but those are the kinds of numbers I like to see!

Rather than implementing a keyword focused approach to Amazon used by most other ad agencies, we’ve developed a process that zeros in on identifying and amplifying product ASINs with strong sales, we are seeing clients being able to compete –and beat—major brands, without requiring the massive budget that major brands often spend.

You’ve heard “smarter, not harder.” Well, there is also “smarter, not more money.”

That’s the beauty of PPC. If you use a smarter process, you can compete against –and even beat big brands without having to spend anywhere near the money they do.

And when you win against big brands in the PPC space, this can significantly boost your profits. If you’re looking to:

  • Increase your profits…
  • Boost your Amazon revenues…
  • Compete against big brands without having to spend like they do…
  • Experience an uptick in your conversions…

Contact us now and we’ll get you set up with our Amazon Ads system. I feel confident that your ROI analysis (after we put this in place for you) will deliver crushing results for your business, just as it has for other ecommerce clients already using our system.