Targeted PPC Advertising with Guaranteed Results

We guarantee that we’ll beat your current Google Ads campaign within 30 days or we’ll give back your money — it’s that simple!

At PPC for Small Biz, we’re confident in our targeted PPC advertising strategies, capabilities and success rates. If we can’t improve your current Google Ads campaigns within one month, then we don’t deserve your business. Call us crazy but we feel it’s the right thing to do.

To be eligible, you must have a pay-per-click campaign running for at least one month. You must apply in writing prior to the start of our service and state that you would like to be considered for our money-back guarantee.  We’ll conduct a free analysis of your account and determine whether we can meet your target goals.

At the beginning of the process, baseline metrics will be established for your account. If, after one month, we are not exceeding your past performance, we will pay back your initial set-up fees and your 1st month’s management fee. Click costs paid to Google are not reimbursed. Your old campaign will be put back in place and our campaign will be removed from your account.

If you have any questions about our targeted PPC advertising service with guaranteed results, just call us toll-free at: 303-954-0367