Case Study #1

Client Profile:
Client sells liability insurance to hunting clubs, stand-up paddle board operators, fishing guides, camps and other businesses related to outdoor activities with higher risk clients.

Before working with us, the client tried managing his AdWords internally as well as via multiple different Internet marketing consultants with poor success. There was no call tracking technology and their cost per acquisition costs averaged in excess of $170+/lead and as much as $500+ per lead in some categories.

Since working with us, we’ve reduced the client’s cost per lead by 81% (from an average of $174/lead down to $33/lead) and the client has expanded his web presence with a new updated website along with adding 2 new web properties which we now promote for specific niches products within his insurance business.

With the implementation of new types of Google Ads campaigns and new Google Ads optimization tools, this client’s cost per lead have been further improved by an additional 51% (from an average $33/lead to $16/lead).

Case Study #2

Lower CPCs are not always the best strategy

Client Profile:
A major senior in-home care franchise with 23 regional locations was looking to improve results of their Google Ads lead generation program.

The previous agency advocated for lower CPCs that yielded low conversion rates and high cost per lead acquisition due to poor quality traffic. In addition, landing pages developed by the old agency were not very conversion rate friendly as they did not promote the franchise’s unique value proposition.

Here is the before performance:

  • 4 months: Jan 1 – April 30
  • Ad Spend: $36k
  • CPC: $5.19
  • Conversions: 57
  • Conv. Rate: < 1%
  • CPA: $635

Our Google Ads strategy was to target more relevant keywords that cost more but yielded better qualified traffic to the site. New landing pages were also created which emphasized the client’s unique value proposition. Lastly, new Google Ads were written in a direct response style while also highlighting the client’s position in the marketplace.

Here is the after performance:

  • 1st 40 days: May 1 – June 15
  • Ad Spend: $18k
  • CPC: $9.20
  • Conversions: 125
  • Conv. Rate: 6.5%
  • CPA: $140

Despite 77% higher CPCs, within the 1st 40 days of the new campaigns running, we were able to generate over 2x more leads in 1/3rd of the time than the previous agency at half the cost. In addition, cost per lead acquisition were lowered by 78% with conversion rates increasing over 600% due to conversion rate optimized landing pages and more relevant traffic to the sites.

Case Study #3

Timing is Everything

Client Profile:
A major lawn care company with 7 locations in the US was looking to improve the performance of their Google Ads campaigns after dropping the advertising channel due to lower year-over-year results.

The previous agency’s strategy was to run campaigns for 10 months – January thru Oct – with equal amounts being spent each month.

Here is the before performance:

  • CPC: $6.41
  • Conversions: 439
  • Conv. Rate: 3.1%
  • CPA: $205

Our strategy was to front load the Google advertising spend and only focus on the months when most people were searching for new lawn care services. By running during business hours only and spending the ad budget from early March thru early May with a constant eye on weather forecasts, we were able to generate much higher conversions at lower cost per acquisitions with similar ad spend from previous years.

Here is the after performance:

  • CPC: $15.03
  • Conversions: 1023
  • Conv. Rate: 14%
  • CPA: $80

Despite nearly 3x higher CPCs, we targeted more highly relevant keywords that drove more qualified traffic to the landing pages and resulted in 133% more leads at 61% lower cost per lead.