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As part of our mission to help small to mid-sized companies succeed online with affordable PPC marketing, we’ve put together a series of pay per click focused whitepapers ( see the right side under PPC Tips & Tricks ) that are designed to share some of our first-hand knowledge and experience of what works ( and what doesn’t ) when it comes to competing with ( and against ) Google, Yahoo! and Bing. While there’s a lot of information ( and misinformation ) on the internet about paid search marketing, we hope that our free PPC advice will give you a new perspective on the topic and allow you to take away a few “gold nuggets” information that helps improve your internet marketing.

Ask Us about PPC

As part of our “Free PPC Advice” Resources Center, we’d like to hear what’s on your mind. Since it’s difficult to get a hold of anyone at the search engine companies these days, we’ve decided to take on the tough questions about pay per click from website visitors like you. Feel free to ask us the most pressing PPC related questions confronting your business today. We’ll do our best to give it to you straight with PPC advice that’s uniquely original, designed to save you money, and helps enhance your pay per click ROI.

Hopefully, we can quickly answer your question in one of our PPC for Small Biz Advisory Updates. If not, simply visit us again to see if your question made the cut. In the meantime, we encourage you to review the whitepapers on the right side of this page or contact us directly.

PPC Tips & Tricks

Below are the whitepapers sent to readers of our “PPC Tips and Tricks” periodic eNewsletter. We hope that these articles may provide you with some insight into the unique PPC management strategies, philosophies, and methodologies that we employ for our clients. As part of our mission to help other small to mid-sized companies succeed online, we’re sharing them with everyone so that you may increase your ROI and save money too ( Rather than Google, Yahoo! & Microsoft getting richer ).Please pay it forward. Thanks!John Pfeiffer
Founder of PPC for Small Biz & Fellow Small Business Owner