5 Elements Of Successful Landing Pages That Convert

Ever hear the old adage “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make ’em drink”? That’s what it’s like when you drive traffic through Pay Per Click to a landing page that’s not conversion rate optimized: you may be paying for clicks, but those clicks aren’t converting. That’s why a good landing page is so important to any online marketing strategy.

But what makes a landing page convert? We’ve boiled it down to 5 factors:

Relevancy: Make sure your landing page is relevant to your ad! If you’re advertising for digital marketing, and have a landing page about video creation (though that may be a service you offer), that’s not what the client is specifically looking for! The more relevant, the more likely that click will convert.

Layout: Check out unbounce.com’s templates for some great layout ideas.

USP: What makes your business unique! Most likely you’ve got competition, so make sure you put what makes your business/service special on your landing page to set yourself apart.

Trust: Trust logos, awards and testimonials go a long way to helping a potential customer trust in what is most likely a first time transaction.

Call to Action: Sign Up. Click Here. Free Consultation. Make sure your landing page has a clear cut goal.

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