“Allow the Google Interrogation to Begin”

Below are funny quotes I found yesterday while Googling “interrogation movie lines”.

Bad Guy: “I get it. Good Cop, Bad Cop, eh?”
Good Cop: “If you like. But we’re a bit short staffed here. So if I give you a cigarette, would you mind kicking yourself in the teeth?”
― Terry Pratchett, Night Watch

Now, here’s your chance to play Bad Cop.

On Thursday, September 22nd, I plan to conduct a very insightful and direct interview of Google.

I’d like your questions to ask them.


This will be important Qualitative Information that’s difficult to capture in the world of Big Data. Please keep your questions relevant to AdWords, YouTube, GA, GTM and other Google properties.


Let’s hope they get it.

Here’s to your online success!

John Pfeiffer

P.S. Send me your questions for Google today . . . before it’s too late. – https://ppcmanager.wufoo.com/forms/your-chance-to-play-the-bad-cop/