Google be Walkin’ the Plank

Ahoy Matey!

Raise the Jolly Roger an’ keep a weathered eye open.

Them scurvy dogs at Google will soon be swimmin’ with the fishes down in Davey Jones Locker.

But before Google walks, we’re gonna make ‘em talk. Keelhaul ‘em and get ‘em to tell us where X marks the spot.

Avast ye! This is where I need yer help.

Me hearty . . . I’ll be meetin’ with Google this Thursday, September 22nd for a video-taped interview an’ I need some good stuff from you to grill ‘em.

Send me yer toughest questions an’ I’ll broadside them bilge rats. Things you’d like to know about AdWords, SEO, Google My Business and the like.

Go on account an’ take no prisoners.

We be getting’ Google to show us their colors an’ true intentions.

So get yer swagger an’ send over yer questions.

An’ no quarter given.


Cap’n John Pfeiffer

P.S. In case yer forgettin’, September 19, 2016 be Talk like a Pirate Day!