The Importance of Landing Pages in Online Advertising

An increase in your site’s traffic can indicate the success of your online marketing campaign, but traffic that does not convert to leads is wasted advertising dollars. So, as an online marketer, your goal is to convert as much traffic as possible into leads, sales or a specific task on your website such as subscribing to your newsletter. Ultimately, you want your internet marketing to flourish. You want a high return on investment from your efforts.

Luckily, this is all possible, but only with the proper systems in place.  If you apply effective email marketing and social media marketing campaigns, run banner ads, and do pay-per-click advertising, of course, you will see increased traffic. But will these help you achieve your ultimate goal? While doing all these is essential to drive traffic, where that traffic ends up is equally important if you want to get higher conversion rates. People can easily visit your site and leave without downloading your e-book, subscribing to your newsletter or even buying your products.

So how can you make your online marketing campaign a true success? The answer is pretty simple: use a well-designed landing page! This will help you get an increased online marketing ROI, or more simply put, it will help convert more traffic into qualified leads. Landing pages are an indispensable part of online marketing because of the following compelling reasons:

Easily generate leads

Most companies blunder and send their traffic to their homepages—the equivalent of throwing your leads away. You could increase your lead conversion rates by sending your traffic to highly targeted landing pages whose message coincides with your ad copy. Landing pages, unlike homepages that are largely informational, focus on converting visitors into leads. Let’s face it, a home page has many links and distractions thus it will be difficult trying to find out what you need from there. Having one page to go through is much easier, isn’t it?

Better metrics or easy insights

With a landing page, it’s easier to get statistics such as bounce rate, click rate and re-conversions of existing leads. This information can help you make necessary changes in structure/ design and content to make an appealing page. Although there are different metrics you can collect on your homepage, you will have a hard time finding out where you need to improve because a homepage contains gratuitous links and distractions. With a highly targeted landing page, it’s easier to concentrate on what’s working and what’s not.

Cheaper advertising

Since focused landing pages bring more conversions, you generate more leads for more sales. This, in turn, decreases costs and you can put more funding into social media outreach, SEO, higher PPC ad budget and other advertising techniques. Additionally, advertising on Adwords targeting your landing pages increases relevancy because you deal with specific information. This translates to a higher quality score and lower cost per click.

So, yes, it’s possible to increase your lead conversion rates without breaking the bank. With an effective landing page, you could see a dramatic rise in inquiries  subscribers and sales. Your landing page is considered the place where visitors decide whether they are going to use the service or buy the products you are offering. When a customer clicks your link, you’ve got one shot to impress, so why not make the best shot possible!

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