Types of Online Marketing

Marketing is about engaging and appealing to your customer on a human level. It’s not about putting your products, services and their prices in front of the customer. A good way to connect with your customers from both inside and outside your immediate market is through online marketing. From email and SEO to social media and article marketing, there are many different types of online marketing available to promote your services and products.

Search Engine Optimization

Let’s face it; a website that receives more traffic is likely to generate more sales. SEO marketing allows you to increase traffic to your site by using methods that could increase the visibility of your website in organic search results. Marketers make use of website elements such as appropriate Meta tags, keywords, titles and images in the website’s content to improve search engine ranking. Establishing an online presence for your website will make it easy to be found by prospective customers.

Pay Per Click

If you are not appearing on top of natural results, use pay per click (PPC) advertising to immediately bring traffic to your site. It is a useful online marketing tactic where your ads are placed in related websites and social media. The more you pay, the higher your ads appear in related sites and search engines, and you only pay for the advertisement when a potential customer clicks on it. PPC marketing allows you to measure how your marketing campaign is fairing and quickly get results.


Regarded as one of the easiest and most cost-effective online marketing tactics, email marketing is a powerful channel for lead and sales generation. It involves the use of emails to reach customers and prospects. Email marketing uses a highly targeted advertising approach, and thus the chances of conversion are very high. To start the process, customers need to subscribe to an email publication to get regular updates of their services and products. It’s a good method to attract repeat business.

Social Media

Social media is very popular, and its popularity has been increasing. You should take advantage of the popularity by utilizing social media outlets to sell your services and products. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are among the best online mediums to connect with customers, employees and suppliers. Additionally, it’s cheap since making company profiles on social sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook is completely free. Marketers use social media to direct people to landing pages where they hit them with sales pitches.


Content marketing is writing articles and posting them on article directories. The key to article marketing is to provide useful information while targeting popular keywords to convince people to visit your website. Your article should be valuable and contain a call to action at the end. The call to action should invite people to click on a link for more information, buy a product or something similar.

Of course there other types such as affiliate marketing and video marketing among others. This list just gives you an idea about some of the options you have to market your business online. All these online marketing strategies, however, will not perform well if implemented poorly, but with smart work and consistent efforts, you can achieve desirable results.

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